A Different Kind of Book

Where your child is part of the story!

We have two different ways of doing this:

1. Custom

For custom books your child's photograph is cartoonized then put into the book as the main character.  We also add his/her name as the main character.  This will create a seamless book with your child as the main character

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For this book you will need to send atleast three images of your child, two facing forwards and one profile, with preferably a simple background, so that cutting out the face will be more successful.  Because of individual printing and the work that goes into editing these books they are more expensive.

2. Interactive

These books are more like coloring books.  The main character is left blank for you child to color to their own likeness.  There are also blanks left for his/her name to be added by hand.  


 These books bring a whole new meaning to interacting with reading.  They will love a story about them and the fact that they get to take part in making it!  These are mass produced and therefor more affordable.  There are instructions in the book to help fill in the blank names and the him/her blanks.  

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